「 T300 Product Details and Product Specification 」


The tension meter T300 is a device that displays the running tension of sheet type processed material such as paper, cloth, fiber, film, rubber. and metal, and outputs to a recorder, external meter, or sequencer.

Features of the T300

  • Immediately deliverable
  • Compact
  • Door attachable
  • Analog Output
  • A panel mount type significantly reduced in size compared to conventional models
  • The tension detector can connect to both LS series and LA series
  • An auto-zero/auto-scale function enables adjustment with a touch of a button
  • Tension signal is output to the left side and the right side in addition to total (2 systems)
  • Output can be selected between voltage output and current output and response frequency can also be selected

T300 Product Specification

Model T300
Power Supply Voltage: AC85~264v
Frequency: 50/60Hz
Output ●Tension output
Select from total (2 systems), left and right output
0 to 10 volts (variable) voltage output, 0 to 1 mA (variable) current output
1 - 5 volts voltage output
Ambient environment Ambient temperature: 0 to 50℃
Ambient Humidity: 30 to 90% (non-condensing)
Working environment: There must be no corrosive gas
Weight Approx. 1Kg
Dimensions (W x H x D) 48 x 96 x 140mm (165 mm including terminal block)
Mounting hole dimensions (W x H): 45 x 92 mm
Power Consumption 30VA
Noise tolerance Power supply noise: 1,200 Vp-p, pulse width: 1 μs, 1 ns
Cable noise: 500 Vp-p, pulse width: 1 μs, 1 ns
Electrostatic noise: 8,000 V or greater, x10
Mounting Panel mounting
Vibration resistance Frequency: 10 to 55 Hz
Magnitude of vibration: Amplitude 0.075 mm
10 cycles for each of XYZ directions
Shock resistance Peak acceleration: 15 G
Duration: 11 ms
Once for each of XYZ directions